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Shipping Calculator – Calculating Shipping costs

When Ecommerce got to every aspects of the market, almost every other person was talking about it. Thanks to technology now you can order cloths, toys, vehicles, electronics and many other goods from anywhere in the world and get them delivered to you instantly. However, when you are ordering that specific item, you need to be able to calculate the shipping cost or even estimate how much you are likely to pay for the shipment of a given item.

Today, you can be able to use the freight rate calculator to be able to determine the global import and export prices instantly. It is now easy to calculate the cost of shipping internationally to over 220 countries.

What is shipping calculator?

Shipping calculator is a tool that offers all shipment needs. It  helps people especially those that are new to international shipping make sound decisions regarding international shipments. It gives you a gateway to international shipment by easily helping you calculate the shipping cost and at the same time compare shipment rates.

shipping calculator

What factors affect international shipping cost?

When you walk to a carrier to ask for a certain package to be shipped to a certain location, there are several options that you are given. Each of the options has a different price point. However, there are few people who can be able to establish what really determines these rates. At this point in time, we are going to show you how these rates are determined.

  • Shipment size-This is the first thing that determines the amount of money that you are going to pay for the whole process. It is a key determining factor of the shipment rate. The fact is that the bigger your package the more money that you are going to pay for that. For example LTL freight will cost less than shipping a boat.
  • The weight of your shipment-Along with the size of the item you want to ship, the weight of that specific product determines the shipment rates. The fact is that the weight of your shipment greatly affects the shipment rate. This means that the heavier the package the more money you will have to pay for the whole process. When you are looking to ship any item, ensure that you are willing and able to pay for the additional weight.
  • How fast the item will be delivered-The fact is that if you want the item to be delivered very fast, you will have to first of all be ready for additional costs. Most of the carriers can be able to deliver fast enough at an additional cost. However, if you can give them more time, then they can pass that saving to you.

shipping cost calculator

How shipping calculator works

A shipment calculator can be a very useful tool especially when you are dealing with international purchases. This tool is readily available for you so that you can get all shipment rates and service details at your finger tips. All these information are available in an easy and a meaningful way to make it easy for you to get all the basics.

The components of the shipment calculator are determined by the user. However, this tool gets all the basics close to you. It requires the information about where the shipment is coming from, where it is going, what the cargo is and when it is expected to be delivered.

For some other advanced shipment calculators, you can request pricing on different service levels. They include components such as the pick-up and customer clearance or the delivery.

How to compare shipping rate with multiple carriers?

In most of the time especially when you want to fly from station X to station Y, it is very easy to find the cheapest options. When it come to shipping an item from one place to the other, it is not as easy.  The good thing is that today there are very many shipment tools that can help you in this case.

Shipment calculator gives you a platform to compare shipment costs from one destination to the other. If you want to use the shipment calculator for this purpose, then the process is easy. You just have to find a shipment site in your country. After that shipment cost calculator will be able to compare shipment costs whenever you need the item to be delivered.

In simple terms, you are just required to enter your local postal code as the place you are shipping from. After that, select another destination that you wants the item to be brought and this tool will help you compare the shipment costs.

cheapest international shipping

How to get the best shipping rate

Now that you can be able to compare different shipment rates, it is very easy to determine the cheapest shipment deal. There are several companies that deal with shipment in the market today and for this reason, you will get the rates that each of them charge. After that, you can just gauge them to see which of the company meets your shipment budget.

How the shipping calculator helps to lower your costs

Shipping calculator gives you all the information that you need to establish a good deal. The first thing is that this tool helps you determine the cheapest deal in the market. The other thing is that it will compare deals in the market and give you the one that suits your budget. You don’t have to go with an expensive deal while you can get a cheaper one and still get the item shipped.

Advantages of shipping cost comparison between multiple companies

One of the factors that determines the method of shipment that you use is the cost of doing so. A Shipping calculator gives you an easy way of comparing prices. The first benefit that you get from this is that you well be able to see the best company that offers lower rates. Compare shipping rates plus check what services is included, negotiate and track multiple quotes.

It is also very easy for you to determine the best company that ships in your local area. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner or just a customer who is purchasing products globally. Being able to compare prices can be one of the best things in your live. Small companies focus on provide the best service for the lowest cost. 

Can shipping estimate change?

A shipping calculator estimates the time and the cost of delivering the item to the destination. However, although you can be able to predetermine the cost of shipment, there are several factors that can change within the period. What this means is that the rate can change time to time. Shipping cost calculator helps with shipping estimates cost for sending a package from one place to the other. Shipping estimate can change depending on the availability of trucks and time. However must estimate should not change. Is good to know the incoterms to be use such as FOB and EX Works

What is the cheapest international shipping method/Is it through small companies or big companies

Small businesses have an easy time to determine the cheapest method of shipping their products. However, in most of the cases, small carrier companies can be better for your shipment options. They are starting off and hence very ready to accept lower prices to establish themselves in  the market. 

Linbis Logistics Platform For Shipper and Logistics Services Provider

Linbis Logistics software offers a logistics platform for shipper and logistics service provider to collaborate. With Linbis Logistics platform shipper can compare shipping rates with multiple LSP from small shipping companies to the biggest companies.

Advantages of Linbis Logistics Platform for Shipper:

-Communicate and Collaborate with many small shipping companies that uses our logistics technology to manage your shipments.

-Compare shipping rates

-By choosing small shipping companies you can get better deals on your next shipping order.

-It is very easy to contract a shipping provider through Linbis Platform

-Tracking of your shipment is through linbis logistics cloud application.

-You can Manage your inventory FREE! Yes you can use Linbis to mange your inventory and shipment for free.

-You will pay us and we make sure your package is deliver to your specification. In other words we pay LSP (logistics service provider when the job is done)

-Shipping process workflow is created automatically by Linbis technology

-And much more!!


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