Linbis Air Shipment Solution: Elevate Your Freight Operations

Are you a freight forwarder specializing in air shipments? Or perhaps a company needing meticulous documentation for your air cargo? Welcome to Linbis – Your one-stop solution for seamless, error-free, and integrated logistics operations.


Perfect for businesses of all sizes - from small businesses wanting a plug-and-play solution to large enterprises desiring a bespoke system.


Seamlessly integrates with all our modules, ensuring a robust end-to-end logistics solution.


All necessary documentation at your fingertips, ensuring you meet all regulatory and industry standards.

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Boost Your Air Freight Operations with Linbis

Simplify, automate, and optimize your air shipment processes with our state-of-the-art logistic software. From quotes to invoicing, from pick-up to delivery, or even for 3PLs, Linbis ensures a smooth data flow, tailored to your specific needs.

Features Tailored for Excellence:

Linbis - Logistics Software As a Service, Freight Forwarding Software,
Unified Shipment Manager

Streamline your operations - whether it's consolidations or direct shipments, inbound or outbound

Automated Air Waybills

Generate the crucial air waybill documents with precision, ensuring hassle-free airport-to-airport cargo transport.

Instant Cargo Manifests

Our system auto-generates the cargo manifest once your shipment is prepped, ensuring no added workload.

Centralized Booking Confirmations

Send and manage booking confirmations to all stakeholders from a singular dashboard.

TSA Compliance

Ensure all shipments adhere to TSA standards, verifying the necessary Consent to Screen Letter.

Efficient Loading Plans

Perfect your air cargo load planning and analysis effortlessly.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Air Shipment Operations?

Invoicing & Financial Tracking: Instantly generate invoices post-shipment, monitor payments, and gauge profit/loss metrics. This is a must for any logistics software

Transparent Agent Commissions: Easily calculate and manage agent commissions, ensuring clarity in your profit calculations.


Linbis: The Ultimate Air Shipment Management Software

In today’s fast-paced logistics world, a robust and efficient software system is the cornerstone of successful operations. Enter Linbis, where innovation integrates with functionality, offering unparalleled solutions tailored for air cargo professionals.

Waybill Management Software: Streamline Your Air Shipments

Document management in air shipping can be overwhelming. Linbis transforms this challenge into an effortless task. With our state-of-the-art Waybill Management Software, you can generate, track, and manage air waybills with unmatched precision. Every detail, from origin to destination, is meticulously documented, ensuring that your air cargo operations run seamlessly.

Air Cargo Software: Empower Your Freight Operations

With the rise in global air freight demands, the need for a competent Air Cargo Software has never been more crucial. Linbis's software provides a comprehensive platform, from booking confirmations to TSA compliance. Each feature is crafted to elevate your cargo handling processes, ensuring timely and accurate operations.

Air Shipping Software: A Class Apart

In the realm of Air Shipping Software, Linbis stands unparalleled. From unified shipment management to automated air waybills, we've got every aspect covered. Our system is designed for both novices and professionals, ensuring a smooth, user-friendly experience that doesn't compromise on depth or functionality.

Load Planning Software for Air Cargo: Perfect Your Shipments

Load planning is the backbone of efficient air cargo operations. With Linbis's Load Planning Software for Air Cargo, you can optimize space, ensure safe handling, and improve fuel efficiency. The software provides visual aids and analytics, making load planning a structured and error-free process.

Air Waybill Software: Documentation Made Easy

An Air Waybill (AWB) is more than just a document; it's a commitment to your clients. With Linbis's Air Waybill Software, generating, tracking, and managing AWBs becomes a breeze. Every detail, from the shipper's details to the cargo's destination, is recorded with precision, ensuring that your commitments are always met.

Choose Linbis: Where Excellence Meets Efficiency

In the ever-evolving logistics industry, staying ahead means choosing the best tools for the job. Linbis offers solutions that are not just about managing operations, but about perfecting them. Dive into the world of seamless air shipping with Linbis. Elevate your operations, enhance client satisfaction, and soar to new heights in air cargo management.

Linbis Software for Air Cargo

Harness the power of innovation and functionality. Choose Linbis for your air shipment management needs today!

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