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Freight Quote Management Software

Generate freight quote and send quotations using automatically generated rates for any transportation mode. Keep track of quotation status and convert quote in an actual operation.

Detailed Freight Quotes

The ability to quickly examine quotes costs in detail is one important advantage of Linbis Freight quotes. An analytical estimate breaks the quote down into each of its detailed commodities so both managers and customers have the ability to examine the individual aspects of a the shipment cost. This provides valuable guidance for reducing costs where necessary, as well as the ability to prioritize between air shipment, ocean shipment or ground shipment.


Another advantage of Linbis Quotes System is the ability to create freight quotes for a large number of different shipments. Each freight is likely to differ considerably, but even though projects differ, their component parts might be the same. A Freight Forwarder can quotes a shipment from different nearby origin and different nearby destination.

Monitor Quotes Status

Quotes can be viewed according to whether they’re ‘REQUESTED’‘PRICING’‘REVISION’‘SENT’‘APPROVED or ‘CANCELED’ COMPLETED

• ‘Sent’ refers to quotes sent to prospective customers, that haven’t been accepted or declined yet.

• ‘Accepted’ refers to quotes which have been approved by your client, and can now be converted into an order, and then to invoice.

• ‘Declined’ estimates refers to rejected estimates, a quick renegotiation must be initiated to prevent the transaction from falling through.

Save money learning to quote freight and avoid common shipping adjustments that can be costly and unpredictable.Linbis Logistics Software CRM, freight quote

Freight Quote Features

Create Outbound Air Shipment, Ocean Shipments or Ground Shipments: Easy to convert quote to module on Air Shipments. Avoid unnecessary re-entry with our convention wizard. All information from the quote is transfer to the Air shipment including commodities, charges, income and expenses.

Create Warehouse Order: A simple conversion from quote will send an order to your Warehouse Module WMS (Warehouse Management System) including commodity weight and dimension.

Quote To Invoice and Bill: Generate Invoices automatically once you finish the shipments cycle all charge can be send to the Accounting Module and create automatic Invoices for customer and create Automatic Bill for the expenses of that shipments.

Freight Quote Report: Generate quote report and see quotes that has been cancel, sent, approved or converted to process for shipment, WMS, and accounting. Create profit and Loss for all quotes.

Linbis Logistic Software complete cycle from quotes to invoices.