Why Choose Linbis Logistic Management Software for your Logistics Business?

Linbis Logistic Management Software is designed to streamline the freight forwarding operation, saving time and eliminating human errors while saving money. This software is the most affordable and easy to use for trucking, dispatch and domestic freight software available today. It is loaded with features that help you compete in today’s competitive market.
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Customization Available

Linbis logistics management software is the only software in the freight forwarding industry that is easy to adapt to all your business need. The software is known for tailoring not only reports and forms but also applications and dashboards, providing a comprehensive dashboard with all the data. The objective of Linbis is to support it’s clients to take advantage of all of the software’s features and capabilities. Which is why we offer training sessions to our clients, where we focus our attention not only on providing a superior understanding of the software modules and answering client’s questions but also focus on identifying ways to enhance clients’ operations. Because we believe that a well trained staff won’t just help enhance your business operations but will also increase their commitment with the company.

What Linbis Logistic Software Offers

The software offers Warehouse Management System that is suitable for companies that are managing the Warehouse and Inventory for a third party or have their own itemized inventory to manage.The software offers complete control for this type of warehousing operation including Receiving, Shipping and Inventory Control. It provides inventory management solutions that allow your logistics business to accurately track your inventory levels, automate freight processes, and gain operational efficiencies while improving customer service. It also provides your customers full access to real-time inventory status using seamless integration.

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Module Integration

With a comprehensive WMS, Linbis integrates all your warehouse management operations with the rest of your business. This means that all your departments are able to share and process information simultaneously. It also means that you achieve better control over your inventory, as well as, the movement and storage of your inventory within your warehouse. The software lets you maximize the efficiency of your receipt and shipment of goods, and let you know at all times exactly where your goods are stored.


The technical support team at Linbis is committed to providing superior support service to its clients, and is available 24 hours a day,  7 days a week.


At Linbis, we understand how critical it is for you to have your logistics software running 100% of the time. That is why we give our support department the highest priority to provide you assistance whenever and wherever you need.

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