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Logistics Management Software

Take Your Logistics Business To A Whole New Level With Linbis

Do you want to gain access to the international network of logistics service providers?

Do you want to save your valuable time and money on international shipping with a full-featured, customizable software?

Do you want a logistic software that is easy-to- use, can book shipments, manage huge amounts of data, track international freight movements in real-time, review analytics and also visualize your supply chain?

You need a logistics management software that is designed to meet all your business needs.

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Linbis Logistics Management Software is a cloud based application that provides you full control of your inventory from anywhere in the world, through its Warehouse Management System. With its user friendly and innovating Live Key Performance Indicators Dashboards (KPIs) you can make informed decisions having full information about the peak season, peak times, allocation of goods in each area, as well as, incoming cargo against warehouse capacity.

As a freight manager, you may always have the time to be present in the warehouse, keeping track of all your inventory. Therefore, the Warehouse Management System of Linbis software allows you to be virtually present at your warehouse at any time you want and from wherever you want. WMS lets you have a better control over the storage and movement of inventory in the warehouse during daily operations.

All transactions including Air Shipment, Packing, Repacking, Receiving, Inventory Control, Loading, Billing, Ground Shipping and Ocean Shipment can also be processed through WMS. You can easily manage all your warehouse operations in a timely fashion with the Warehouse Management System effectively.

Linbis helps you collaborate with your team, freight companies, clients and customers in real-time through the CRM for freight forwarders. It streamlines communication between key stakeholders with its efficient collaboration and online messaging system. Linbis helps logistics service providers streamline their commercial operations, increase their profit margins, improve their sales productivity and minimize their risk in solution design, as well as, delivery. The software has been powering up the commercial operations of hundreds of logistics companies ranging freight forwarders, logistics service providers, value added warehousing companies, carriers to freight brokerage firms.

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Linbis lets you sell, manage and deliver the right services at the right time in the right trade lane and also at the right margin. With its extensive suite of advanced logistics operations, you can run your supply chain more efficiently. Enjoy more visibility and greater control over your inventory with Linbis Logistics Management Software today!