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Linbis Logistics Cloud Application

We’re the innovative company behind the best Freight Forwarding Software as a Service on the Cloud. There’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage — you just log in and get to work. Our Free logistic Software trial will help your business start.

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What is a Logistics Software?

Logistics software assists businesses synchronize sophisticated procedures and processes right from the juncture of origination to the final point (consumers). A good logistics software deals with coordination information, stock, handling of materials, production units, warehouse functions, transportation and product packaging.

By using new technology Linbis logistics software helps businesses manage their logistics operation. Furthermore, with feature such as barcode software, stock management, demand planning, warehouse managing, transport management, and fleet coordination, companies improve productivity.

Online Freight Management Software to Grow faster with Solutions for all Logistics Activities.

Linbis Logistics Software Online will help your company grow every part of the business with its complete suite of applications for each activity within the Logistics and Supply Chain industry. Similarly, consolidators, Freight Forwarders, Forwarding Agents, NVOCC, Couriers, Third Party Logistics Providers, Airlines, Ocean Carriers and Trucking Companies, can take advantage of our Freight Forwarding Software as a Service (SaaS) to optimize their business flow in order to increase productivity and generate bigger profits. Companies of any size can benefit from Linbis Logistics Software and its design. A set of on-demand features and components can be added to the application as the business requirements grow. In fact, a company only pays for what it really needs.

With Linbis, businesses are now able to manage larger quantities of inventory and operations through several units and workers at the same time. Therefore, products and their quality are equivalent to the business accounts and finances.

New Technologies Enable Greater Efficiency for your Freight Forwarder Business

In recent times, businesses have become more complicated than ever. These days, direct contact between producers/sellers and consumers/buyers is almost never possible. These complicated business processes and operations now require the services of complex marketing systems also known as logistics.  Logistics consists of various relative procedures whose purposes center on effectively delivering goods and services to consumers.

Logistics companies are facing an era of unprecedented changes as digitization takes hold and customer expectations evolve. New technologies are enabling greater efficiency and more collaborative operating models; they’re also changing the marketplace in ways that are only just beginning to become apparent. Linbis Logistics Software is changing every aspect of how logistics companies operate, this century technologies will be a prerequisite for success: the winners will be those who understand how to work with new software environments, from cloud computing to platform solutions.

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How To Efficiently Manage Your Business with the best Logistics Software Solutions

Are you looking for a logistics software solutions that can help you streamline your business? Do you wish to automate your freight forwarding business by using a cloud based software?

The aforementioned procedures embrace calculative planning operations that may be carried out within the production premises but are focused on the availability of required goods and services to consumers at appropriate times. The complicacy of these procedures require that business logistics employ the use of logistics software that are user friendly and are able to meet up with expectations.

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What is a Freight Forwarding Software?

A freight forwarding software is used to help freight companies manage cargo and create documentations to move shipments from point A to point Z. It offers functional module of applications for every single activity within the Logistics and Supply Chain industry. 

Freight forwarders uses Linbis Logistics  to generate documentation such as air waybills, bill of lading, and control cargo movement. Innovative and efficient logistics cloud software specifically designed to meet the needs of freight forwarding companies around the world. 

Linbis is an online freight management software that is essential for consolidators, freight forwarders, forwarding agents, NVOCCs, couriers, airlines, third party logistics providers, ocean carriers and trucking companies. They can take advantage of Linbis Freight Forwarding Software as a Service (SaaS) to optimize and streamline their business flow and increase productivity and generate bigger profits throughout the year.


Freight Forwarders Benefits

The good thing about Linbis is that it is designed to benefit companies of all sizes. It offers greater transparency, as well as, efficiency and functions as a seamless extension of your freight forwarding company. Our easy to use solution can adapt to your freight operation. We know that not all freight forwarders are the same. If your company is ready to use new technology and increase productivity give us a call we can help.

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Everything You Need to Know about Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain management software allows employee to source raw materials and control product cycles more effectively and efficiently. When a company finds a better supply chain management software, it ensures a competitive advantage over other businesses. Moreover, knows where every resource is and how the delivery will work. This, in turns, derives more efficiency at work, more agile business process and end-to-end supply chain visibility. However, to understand supply chain management software, you must know what it is, and how it works. Check out how Linbis Supply Chain for Enterprise can help your company



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