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WMS - Warehouse Management System

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows for better control over the movement and storage of goods in warehouses during daily operations. Transactions, such as:

-Receiving: With a good WMS an individual stock  handled and stored, with automatic ID labels with bar codes.

-Put-Away: Then adding the inventory in a warehouse  location, date, code, and include basic information

-Inventory control: You can tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries.

-Packing: Our warehouse management system makes packing easier by providing the exact location of the package. Easy integration with any automatic system for package pick up at shelve.

-Repacking: Automatic check for error while repacking pallets, containers or boxes.

-Loading: A good WMS will help with a loading plan and assist with automatic loading system

-Shipping: Air Shipments, Ocean Shipments, Ground Shipments is all connected with every shipping order.

-Billing; make invoice to your customer at the right moment and with the right product.

All of these transaction are combined into this system to effectively manage warehouse operations. For example, inventory is kept up-to-date, items are tracked when travelling in the supply chain and any necessary information is accessed as needed from the application.

Live Key Performance Indicators Dashboards (KPIs) allow for decision making based on peak times, peak season, allocation of goods per area, incoming cargo against warehouse capacity and much more. Mobile applications are a significant component of successful WMS for the purpose of barcoding and task notifications for easy allocation, repacking and verification of  goods before shipping. Any Freight Forwarder software must have this tool optimize the customer operation.

While you, as a manager, may not always be present on the warehouse floor, technology of today allows you to be there virtually.  The Warehouse Management System (WMS) offered by Linbis allows for better control over the movement and storage of goods in warehouses during daily operations. Transactions such as Receiving, Inventory Control, Packing, Repacking, Loading, Shipping Billing are combined into this system and lets you manage all your warehouse operations effectively. For instance, you can keep your inventory up-to-date, tracked your shipped items while they are travelling in the supply chain and acquire all the necessary information you need from the software whenever and wherever you need.