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Freight Forwarding Accounting

Forwarders can make quotes, send it to arrange the pickup and delivery, automatically calculate prices for services involve, create an automatic warehouse receive and release cargo and create automatic invoices and other accounting transactions.

Linbis Freight Forwarding Accounting

Automated Calculations –  With Linbis  you can charges your freight based on multiple ways, contracts, location, agents or all together.  Add an item to an invoice, modify charges, modify items and more with our freight forwarding accounting reports.

Profit and Loss Report - Create report per shipments, shippers, consignee or all together. Add expenses related to the freight and any charges. Calculate your profit in real time. Know your profit when creating a pickup and delivery order.

Transperency: easy to read report makes customer more happy, itemizing items in each invoice allow customers to pay faster and understand bills.

-Expenses: Track every expenses from every air shipments, ocean shipments and ground shipments.

- No double Entry : Linbis Freight Forwarding Software helps to always bill your customer at the right time and with no duplication.

- Quickbook integration for a must robust accounting systems. Automatic invoice posting on Quickbook and bill from vendors.

Linbis Logistics is fully integrated with Quickbooks Online which is feeds from accounting transactions generated from Linbis Logistics. Quickbooks Online allows effective management of cash flow using functions including accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking transactions and general ledger. Payroll is included as part of Quickbooks Online so that system so that companies can handle their entire accounting needs at the same place. Financial statements such as Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss can be generated at any time from the continuously updated information the application provides. Quickbooks Online allows the detailed tracking of assets, liabilities, capital, income and expense, to provide companies with the information required when making important decisions.