Elevate Your Logistics Business: Discover CRM for Freight Forwarders with Linbis

Transform Your Customer Relationships and Operational Efficiency with Our Tailored CRM Solutions – Designed Exclusively for Freight Forwarding Excellence.

CRM for Logistics Excellence

Imagine a CRM that doesn’t just store customer data but transforms it into actionable insights, empowering you to deliver personalized services, predict and meet customer demands, and streamline your operations for optimal efficiency. Linbis Logistics Software is designed to make this vision a reality.

logistics software for small business. Discover how al inbis freight forwarding software enhance your operation
Maximize Efficiency with Key Performance Indicators on your software for cargo using Linbis freight management analytics for freight forwarders.

Direct Benefits to Your Freight Forwarding Business

Linbis Logistics Software doesn’t just help you manage your freight forwarding operations; it’s a powerful tool that transforms your customer experiences. With real-time data analytics and personalized service options, every interaction is tailored, making your services not just a choice but a preference for clients.

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Real-time Data for Real-time Decisions

In the dynamic world of freight forwarding, decisions need to be swift and accurate. Our CRM is equipped with real-time data analytics, giving you instant insights into shipment statuses, customer preferences, and market trends. Every piece of data is a stepping stone to informed decisions, ensuring you are always a step ahead.

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Streamlined Communication

No more juggling between emails, calls, and texts. Our CRM consolidates all communications into one intuitive platform. Every query, feedback, and communication is logged systematically, ensuring you never miss a beat and every client interaction is personalized and prompt.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Deliver personalized, timely, and efficient services, elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Features Tailored for Freight Forwarders

Beyond the standard CRM features, Linbis offers specialized tools crafted for the unique needs of freight forwarders. Real-time tracking, intuitive inventory management, and integrated communication tools are not just add-ons but core features, ensuring every need is not just met but exceeded

Dive into the Future with Linbis CRM for Freight Forwarders

In a world where change is constant, adaptability and efficiency are the keys to staying ahead. Linbis CRM isn’t just a tool but a partner, propelling your freight forwarding business into a future where customer experiences are exceptional, operations are streamlined, and every decision is informed and timely. Make the choice to not just be a part of the future but to lead it, with Linbis at your side.

Join the revolution. Elevate your logistics and freight forwarding operations to new heights of excellence with Linbis CRM – where technology and innovation meet impeccable service.


Empowering Your Clients with Customized Web Portals

Linbis CRM transcends traditional customer relationship management by empowering your clients with personalized web portals. These aren’t just dashboards but interactive platforms where clients can engage with real-time data, tailored specifically to their needs.

Real-time Access to Critical Data

Every client is unique, and so is their data. With Linbis CRM, each client gets access to a personalized web portal where they can view and interact with their specific data in real-time. It’s not just about viewing but engaging, analyzing, and utilizing data to make informed decisions

Document Management Made Easy

No more endless emails or lost documents. Clients can upload, access, and manage all their documents directly through their personalized portals. Every shipment document, transaction receipt, and essential paperwork is stored, organized, and accessible, ensuring seamless document management.

Personalized Rates for Every Client

In the dynamic world of freight forwarding, flexibility is key. Linbis CRM allows you to offer personalized rates for each client, ensuring competitiveness and flexibility. Clients can view and approve rates directly through their portals, streamlining the quotation and approval process.

Vendor and Carrier Management

Linbis CRM isn’t just client-centric but also operationally efficient. Manage your vendors and carriers directly through the CRM. Every partner, every carrier is systematically organized and accessible, ensuring operational efficiency and partnership management at its best

Seamless Integration, Limitless Opportunities

Linbis CRM integrates seamlessly with your operations, offering you a world where efficiency, client satisfaction, and operational excellence aren’t just goals but daily practices. Every client, every vendor, every carrier is a partner, and every piece of data is an opportunity to excel, innovate, and lead.

Reports & analytics

Dive into a world where every challenge is an opportunity, and every client is a partner. With Linbis CRM, you aren’t just managing relationships but nurturing partnerships, fostering growth, and leading the future of freight forwarding.

CRM for Freight Forwarders

Equip your freight forwarding business with Linbis CRM – where technology meets excellence, innovation meets practicality, and challenges meet solutions.

Unleashing Possibilities with CRM & Zapier

When CRM for freight forwarders is intertwined with Zapier, the possibilities are limitless. Here’s a glimpse of what this powerful combination can accomplish.


  • Real-time Notifications: Automate the dispatch of real-time notifications to customers, keeping them informed about the status, location, and ETA of their shipments.


  • Document Management: Streamline the management of documents, ensuring that they are accessible, updated, and compliant.


  • Personalized Pricing: Automate and customize pricing structures for clients, ensuring that quotes are competitive, transparent, and instant.


  • Vendor Management: Optimize vendor interactions, ensuring that the procurement, partnerships, and payments are streamlined.


  • Carrier Integration: Automate the integration with carriers, ensuring that scheduling, tracking, and coordination are real-time and reliable.

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