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CRM for Freight Forwarders

CRM in full is customer relationship management, and it is used by many organizations to enhance their relationship with customers. CRM relay heavily on the data that it is fed into and if done properly it can bring a lot of benefits to an organization’s time management, marketing outreach, and bottom line.

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CRM for Logistics

There are varieties of CRM systems a logistics company can purchase to help with customer maintenance. For this, it is important to be cautious when assessing your prospective system before investing. To help you narrow down your options from a pool of many CRMs out there, we have compiled a small list of tried and tested customer relationship management systems that are so popular with logistics companies around the world.

  •    Fresh sales

This CRM features integrated email tools as well as phone, user behavior tracking solutions and lead scoring options among others. With Fresh sales, you can easily send targeted emails and make phone calls with just a few clicks. It is also easy to find potential leads that are ready to buy your services with this system.

  •    HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is one of the best systems on the market currently, with an intuitive interface as well as a comprehensive set of features. The good thing about HubSpot CRM is that it can be easily scaled to offer you the basic CRM features without the hassle of maintaining full-fledged CRM software.

  •    Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is a household name in the world of CRM. The system is well-known for its well-integrated and robust CRM functionalities. Any logistic company will find this CRM very helpful, especially with its already tried and tested proficiencies for lead management. Additionally, this product can be integrated with external systems like Team Support,, Zendesk, and more.

  •    Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers top quality features and customers support functionalities. The system is very flexible, thus ideal for a logistics company of all sizes.

  •    Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is also among the best CRM for logistics companies. The software enables the organization to engage their customers on several channels such as live chat, email, phone, social media and also in person.

Benefits of using CRM for Logistics Companies

One source for all the important information

A good CRM system allows your logistics company to easily access constantly updated data for easy decision-making as well as seamless communication between employees and departments in different office locations. Using CRM provides an organization with a perfect opportunity to create intelligent personalized interfaces will all necessary contacts.

CRM Improved productivity

A perfectly developed CRM Logistics system helps the company pre-define overall workflows for each department. Also, a well-developed CRM can allow an organization to easily automate general administrative tasks, therefore, allowing staff to save time filling forms, creating reports,  making quotes and proposals, running calculations and in the process, increasing their productivity.

CRM helps to systematically track business activities effectively

A well-thought-out CRM system helps to understand each task that is needed to be performed for which customer. With the help of this software, it becomes easy for a logistic company to bring together all its business areas and track them in just one place. Additionally, it is easy for a Logistics Company to maintain competitive pricing as well as delivery options against competition by leveraging market information.

Measurability of sales and marketing activity

CRM software can help Logistics Company to grasp better knowledge of customers’ needs and behavior.  By this, it becomes easy to effectively manage business resources, time and efforts which then benefit the overall business and also the customers.

Personalized customer service

A well-developed CRM system provides transport and logistics business a clear direction for effective communication with customers and offers access to business best practices. Industry-based CRM also helps an organization identify major clients and the main points to contact them, thus enhancing individual customer service.

Ensuring the safety of freights

In the transport and logistics business, it is always difficult to offer 100% safety of shipments and on-time delivery. But by using customized cloud CRM software with integrated electronic databases, the company can provide information about the status and location of the shipment in real time.

Automated data updating

Using a customized CRM, a company can benefit profitably by focusing on timely updating of client data and quick processing of the order.

How CRM for Freight Forwarders help Forwarding Agents

Freight forwarders can benefit from CRM in the following way:

  •    Maximizing the quality of customer service
  •    Increasing revenues
  •    Enhancing customer loyalty
  •    Strengthening marketing and sales
  •    Boosting Forward Agent image.

Features in CRM for Freight Forwarding Companies

Key features in CRM for Freight Forwarding Companies include:

  •    Email notifications
  •    Contact management
  •    Powerful report feature
  •    Dashboard
  •    Outlook connection features
  •    Roles and restrictions.

Benefits of integrating your CRM with your website

  •    Reduced administrative costs

Without integrating your website with a CRM, it can be costly to export information from the website and importing into the company CRM system. It can be both times consuming and costly to manually copying the information about customers from the website and pasting to the CRM.

By integrating the two, not only will you be saving money and time but you will also increase staff productivity.

  •    Rapid and access to up-to-date information

Integrating your website with your CRM system will allow you to have instant access to up-to-date data. This will boost confidence in customer communication because you will have the latest information about your interaction with them.

  •    Single and accurate data source

You will be creating just a single accurate data source by integrating your website with your CRM. This will save your sales team time as they don’t need to go through several systems to get real information about the client.

  •    Increased sales

Although this point is tied in all other points on this list, it is worth mentioning it in isolation. The domino effect of integrating your CRM with your website is an accurate single data source that leads to better profiles, which in turn leads to a high-quality lead which result in high conversion rates.

  •    Better profiling  

Integrating your website with your CRM will allow you to get a complete picture of each and every one of your current and prospective customers. A customized CRM will profile your customers to determine what they might buy.


CRM for Freight Forwarders is a must have module on any logistic software. We firmly believe that the customers are the top-priority of every business. For that reason, Linbis Logistics is built with a fully integrated CRM for Freight Forwarders, allowing companies to monitor every customer activities in detail. The activities integrated include log of phone calls, emails, events, tasks, sales, complaints and proposals, as well as orders and shipments history.

CRM is known as a reliable way to improve a company’s customer service practices. As a result, employees are able to respond to customers’ queries effectively and in a timely manner. Timely interventions allow for rapid decision making when internal or external factors make it necessary. Further, business tactics can be aligned for long term business relations and profitability.