Streamline Your Business With The Best Freight Management Software

With the globalization of commerce and the ever increasing customer demand for innovation at a rapid pace and low cost, today’s freight forwarding companies need efficient, easy-to-use and a flexible freight management software and a freight forwarding app solutions to effectively manage their day to day operations and business deals.

Linbis Cargo Software and freight management system addresses the needs of freight forwarding companies. providing them with powerful, flexible, effective and integrated solutions.

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Linbis Freight Management Software

Optimize Cargo Storage

Streamline the storage process with our intelligent system that maximizes space utilization and ensures easy retrieval and delivery.

Seamless Cargo Delivery

Guarantee timely and accurate deliveries with our automated scheduling and routing system, ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

Generate Comprehensive Documents

Easily create domestic and international bills with our intuitive interface, ensuring all necessary documentation is accurate and readily available.

Freight Management System Enhances Your Operational Efficiency

With Linbis Freight Management Software, you’re not just optimizing your operational processes; you’re elevating your entire freight management experience, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction at every step. Transform the way you manage freight – choose Linbis, where innovation and practicality converge for exceptional results.

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Arrange Local Pickup and Delivery

Coordinate pickups and deliveries with ease, ensuring timely, efficient, and reliable service for all your local transportation needs.

Efficient Invoicing

Create detailed, accurate invoices with just a few clicks, streamlining your billing process and improving cash flow management.

QuickBooks Online Integration

All accounting transactions are automatically posted to QuickBooks Online, ensuring accurate, up-to-date financial data and simplified bookkeeping.

International Freight Management Software

Linbis is designed for national and international freight forwarders who require a comprehensive and accurate warehouse management system that is combined with a fully-integrated accounting system. The freight forwarding app software offer a user-friendly interface with interactive screens accessible from desktop and mobile.

Why Choose Us

Freight Management Solution

Logistic Management

This innovative logistics management software can revolutionize your freight forwarding company and help it grow in every part of the business with its complete suite of features and applications for each activity within the Logistics and Supply Chain industry.

Cargo Management

Linbis cargo software is good for Consolidators, Freight Forwarders, Forwarding Agents, NVOCC, Couriers, Third Party Logistics Providers, Airlines, Ocean Carriers and Trucking Companies, can also take advantage of Freight Forwarder Software as a Service (SaaS) to streamline their business flow, increase productivity and generate bigger profits.

Linbis Cargo Management Software

Linbis cargo management software solution also enables freight forwarders to send real time updates to their customers and communicate with them regarding their important cargo.

Provides 24/7 live support

Business communication is also a key function offered by Linbis, as it increase your abilities to communicate effectively giving your customers online visibility 24/7 worldwide. You can send email transactions to your customers directly from your cargo management software with a built-in, real-time tracking link.

Cargo Management Software

Companies of any size can easily benefit from Linbis Online cargo management software and its design, as the software is customizable. A set of on-demand features and components can be added to the application as the business requirements grow.

Linbis Freight Management Software is completely integrated to expedite your business. Accounting and operational functions are fully integrated including invoicing, accounts payables, account receiving, and banking reconciliations. Obtain any documents, reports and common accounting process to run your business directly from the same interface while you are on the go.

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Key Features of Our Freight Management System

Modular Design

Customizable working modules tailored to fit diverse logistical needs, ensuring adaptability and scalability.

Efficient Communication

Enhanced networking capabilities ensuring seamless communication and data exchange.

Integrated Suite

A cohesive system incorporating all essential logistics services and tools for a holistic solution.

Data Security

Advanced data restoration services ensuring your information is always protected and easily recoverable.

Growth Management

Services designed to efficiently handle and support your business expansion.

Centralized Control

A central management system for streamlined operations and data access.

Technology Advancements

Incorporating the latest technological innovations for optimal performance and efficiency.

3PL Services

Comprehensive third-party logistics support for diverse operational needs.

…and many more, including documentation management, automated logistics, cost control, and online tracking systems.

Maximize Efficiency with Key Performance Indicators on your software for cargo using Linbis freight management analytics for freight forwarders.

Maximize Efficiency with Key Performance Indicators in your Software for Cargo

Understanding and monitoring the right KPIs can transform how you manage freight operations. Here’s how Linbis software for cargo helps you track and optimize these crucial metrics:

  • Shipment Accuracy: Ensure the precision of shipments with tools that verify and report discrepancies, enhancing reliability.

  • On-Time Delivery Rate: Monitor delivery timelines with real-time tracking to ensure shipments meet scheduled deadlines, boosting customer satisfaction.

  • Freight Cost per Unit: Calculate and analyze the cost associated with transporting each unit of goods to optimize pricing strategies and cost-efficiency.

  • Inventory Turnover: Use Linbis to track how often inventory is sold and replenished, providing insights into demand forecasting and stock management.

  • Order Processing Time: Reduce processing times with automated systems that streamline operations from order intake to dispatch.

  • Customer Satisfaction Score: Leverage integrated feedback tools to measure and improve client satisfaction continuously.

  • Carrier Performance Score: Evaluate and compare the performance of shipping partners to maintain service quality and operational standards.

Unparalleled Benefits of Our Freight Management Software

Our Freight Management Software not only optimizes your logistical operations but also delivers a multitude of benefits that enhance overall efficiency and customer satisfactio
  • Timeliness
    Eliminates delays, ensuring on-time deliveries and transactions.

  • Reputation Management
    Reduces the chances of errors and customer dissatisfaction, bolstering your business reputation.

  • Efficient Management
    Streamlines order processing and billing, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Inventory Optimization
    Ensures efficient handling, storage, and utilization of both raw materials and finished goods.

  • Cost Reduction
    Achieves the lowest possible operational costs through optimal transportation management.

  • Operational Automation
    Simplifies and automates complex processes, reducing manual efforts and errors.

  • Data Accessibility
    Makes crucial data easily accessible, supporting informed decision-making

By choosing our Freight Management System, you’re not only enhancing your logistical operations but also ensuring business growth, cost efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Equip your business with a tool designed for excellence, where innovation meets practicality, and experience the transformation in every aspect of your freight management.

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