What is expedited Shipping?

What is expedited shipping and how long does it take for delivery? Well many would define expedited shipping as the process of sending a package or parcel faster than standard. However, expedited is a shipping method more expensive than the usual accustomed rate. It is a term use and is usually performed by shipping companies. The process varies from company to company and what policy they use to do the shipping. For example R&L Carrier may have different process for their shipping requirements. In addition, the process can involve a delivery process that occurs anywhere from the same day to three more days.

what is expedited shipping vs standard shipping

Then there is the expedited delivery process.  Which essentially is defined as when a given package or parcel is given the first priority over others. As a result increasing its delivery rate. That is called expedited delivery, and again it depends with the company policy and management of the courier services.

Alternatively, for shipping companies, expedited services are regarded as the means by which or through which a range of services are provided at a faster rate. The standard rate which is normally three working days according to the rule of thumb. Some freight forwarders use the same term when quoting a shipment. 

The expedited shipping process is composed of three parts, namely:

  1. The express deliveries which takes a day or even up to three days for international delivery services.
  2. The next day deliveries.
  3. And, the same day deliveries.

These are what the expedited services encompasses. This way it covers all the customers services both locally and internationally.

Therefore, from this, we can derive the meaning of expedited. Which can be defined as to act quickly. And an expedited delivery is delivery that is carried out faster than the standard services of delivery.

Expedite Definition

From the conventional dictionary, the word expedite is defined as an act ‘to perform quickly’.

Moreover, the word itself is derived from Latin language. The prefix ‘ex’ means ‘out’ and the word ‘ped’ means ‘foot’. Originally came together in ‘expedire’ which translated to – freeing the foot.

Later on the word was swanned in the word and introduced a ‘t’ and it became: expedite.  And that is how courier workers created their terminology that would be used long after. 


What is the difference between an express service and an expedited service?

Here are two terms commonly used by the courier services to customers who get confused a little. Even though the two terms essentially have the same meaning. There are companies such as Amazon who offer expedited shipping as well as express services.

While the expedited services and express services might have close meaning or even the same one. The difference comes depending on the courier service provider. For instance, Amazon site advertises express delivery as a next day service. Where the parcel or package is designated to arrive before one o’clock during the day. On the other hand, the expedited delivery is a one to three-day service.

When observe closely, there is actually no difference besides the price. Here is the real deal:

Most domestic or local couriers have different configurations rates. For example, for their shipping routes from which they calculate shipping times with respect to zones of approximately sixty miles. If the package or parcel has to pass several zones to get to you. Then the price will be different as compared to when you are within or close to a zone nearby. And it is here where we find the difference between expedited and standard shipping.


Standard vs Expedited shipping

An expedited shipping charges more but the delivery is faster

A standard shipping can be free shipping but the delivery takes five-seven days

Important to note about Standard vs Expedited shipping!

It can therefore, be concluded here that standard and expedited differ for different companies. This depends on the ability to deliver on expectations of the customers.

  • Expedited shipping implies that the package will be sent via a fast courier service. While you can also be a package and get expedited service using premium delivery services such as Priority Mail.
  • Standard shipping is mostly for the less urgent items, while expedited shipping is meant for time sensitive goods. There are ground and tracked mail services, which can be slower than express courier delivery.

However, for the premium tracking and transit times. The expedited delivery is recommended to be faster. It will provide you with the opportunity to save on the costs of expedited shipping by making bookings online. On the other hand when book is direct with a courier can cost more.

The standard shipping will most likely be shipped through the post office at a bulk rate. Therefore, will take a longer time to arrive at any place. Keep in mind the freight class when quoting for a fast shipping method.

The Expedited delivery regularly implies the item will be sent via a faster service. This could be either via a courier service or in some cases via the post office. By using a first-class shipping rate or priority mail.


How long does expedited shipping take?

Majority of the companies have policies for fast orders. Those orders are usually processed within two to three days. After the process the following events will take place;

  • An e-mail will be sent to you with tracking information to the mail address linked to your order,
  • Allow tracking information to be accurate and up to date,
  • Depending on the zones, your order will reach faster. While those international ones or those who have several zones before getting to them,

The parcel is expected to be shipped by the date or time specified in the product description. Remember that mother nature is always present or  unless something else comes up this could change.


Any shipping method has their ups and downs. Which is why the offer of multiple or several shipping options is not a bad idea. This brings us to the categories of shipping methods

  1. real-time shipping quotes which are automatically calculated by a carrier,
  2. and fixed shipping charges that you as customer will define.

The second option is one of the more popular among the customers.  As it allows your customers to pay the exact shipping unless otherwise. The Real-time quotes are typically calculated by:

  • Size of the parcel
  • Its’ weight
  • Departing address
  • Destination address
  • Tracking always optional for customers
  • Insurance again always optional

But who is it really for?

Well, the following are the target for anyone looking to benefit on a shipping process. For example is good to know the difference between Standard vs Expedited shipping. It helps determine who benefits the most. By knowing the difference buyers and seller can take advantage of different types of rates.

Merchants who normally sell small- to medium-sized products.

This preferable to those who want to offer real time quotes.

Store owners that are still working to fully understand their profit margins of products and shipping models. This lets you cover costs while charging reasonable prices for the services.



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