Integrated Logistics Management is new phenomenon in Supply Chain software system today and is gaining popular everyday. Integrated Logistics a simple that consists of planning, coordinating and arranging the operational activities to optimize the productivity of your business and ensure success. With logistics businesses today looking for better connectivity, communication and collaboration in real-time, the concept of integrated and smarter logistics management have shaped up in the recent times.

Integrated Logistics Management is making the business processes efficient and smarter by enabling real-time collaboration between people (team members, clients and customers), processes, data, and devices.

From creating new job orders to booking.. moving and exporting inventory management to the warehouse to delivering the manage shipment to the customer, coordination between stakeholders  helps build an efficient and hassle-free operation and improving the effectiveness of your business operations. In order to streamline your business and make the processes more efficient, you need to redefine a digital strategy that is tailored to your own value drivers and progress towards success. Logistics companies today are redefining the way they work with internal processes and putting more focus on digitization.

Linbis Logistics Software Create Warehouse Receipt Main Information

In the recent years, the heightened intensity of retail competition has completely changed the way retail companies operate their distribution systems. Every company faces the pressure and plans to digitally change the way they interact with their customers. These changes include application of integrated logistics, a new concept that encourages extensive use of information technology in supply change management to gain a competitive edge.

Below are three reasons that show how you too can adapt an integrated logistics Management solution:

  1. Take a phased approach when it comes to handling projects. Prioritize each project according to your most pressing business needs. The stages that are involved in this approach include; identifying your transformation strategy, designing your brand new infrastructure and deploying the solution. This phase is based on organizational strength, leadership and performance management.
  2.  Establishing Collaboration through Connectivity: The goal of integrated logistics is to create a centralized system that brings visibility and better collaboration amongst the enterprises. The benefits include increased reliability, reduced and more viable costs, as well as, the ability to change suppliers to meet the needs of business.
  3. Know your business processes and align them with your digital strategies: Get a detailed view of process flow, data and create a process flow,  accordingly.


To unlock profitability in your logistics operations gain a competitive advantage, you should make a bold move in streamlining your business processes and encourage better collaboration. Blending IT strategies with operations for an integrated logistics will help your company build a network that gives more collaboration and tailored analytics for your business.

Linbis Logistics Software, is an innovative freight management software that is changing every aspect of how logistics companies operate. It is helping freight companies grow in every part of their business with its complete suite of applications for each activity within the Logistics and Supply Chain industry. Streamline your business process today with this integrated logistics software.


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