Supply Chain Software

Technology will continue having a significant role to play in the way companies manage their supply chain and logistics operations. Cloud computing allows to provide technology services and functionalities via <!--more--> an online computer network and it is the core of the next big innovations in supply chain software and logistics technology. The deployment of supply chain software and logistics software as a service (SaaS) solutions in the cloud such as Linbis Logistics Software, offer access through an on-demand, pay-as-you-go model and therefor it provides users with increased flexibility, visibility, cost containment, and collaborative partnerships across the entire supply chains. (Partridge, 2011).

Companies using Cloud-Base Logistics Software as Service solutions in the management of their operations provide customers with a greater visibility and better services. The technology helps in benchmarking transportation and logistics processes alongside the relevant data against competitors. Connecting multiple logistic networks enhances visibility in the day to day company operations. On an almost similar front, using cloud-base solutions enables organizations to adapt their use to cater for varying business needs as they manifest. The technology provides users with a variety of applications from which intelligent solutions can be sought to cater for the whole supply chain and logistics activities (Partridge, 2011).

The use of Cloud-Based solutions in supply chain software and logistics software industries improves and bolsters the cost structure of companies, since no large up-front investments are required. The pay-as-you and on-demand models offer these organizations immense flexibility in their supply chains and logistics operations. Additionally, this kind of solution plays a crucial role in achieving faster returns on investment operations due to its relatively faster implementation speed (Partridge, 2011).

Conclusively, many companies that have usually relied on the use of spreadsheets or traditional software for the management of their supply chain and logistic functions, are now switching into cloud-based solutions. Linbis Logistics Software is one of the cloud-based solutions enabling efficiency within supply chains software and logistics industry. Greater flexibility and visibility, along with a dramatic reduction of software expenses can be achieved using cloud-based SaaS.



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