• Are you feeling bogged down by the never-ending hassles of running your logistics business?
  • Are you finding it hard to generate revenue, even after hiring sufficient number of employees to manage your fleet and goods?
  • Is your business still under loss?

Logistics Business Automations

Since logistics business is composed of huge goods and vehicle movement, the process is comparatively more complex from an ordinary business. The key is to upgrade your order supply and delivery business. By handling everything manually, your business becomes extremely complex and less efficient.

With huge amount of customers, warehouses and numerous drivers to deal with, you can get completely exhausted and in the process hold back your company’s performance. By upgrading your of logistics management, you can streamline your business process and manage your business seamlessly.

Technology in Logistics Business

With all the technological advances taking place in the logistics industry, it’s high time to move from traditional logistics management and move towards an innovative software solution that can help you automate your business process and embrace agility in logistics.

When you use a logistics software, you are not only building your brand name but also creating a better service for your clients and customers. An integrated logistic software allows your to manage your warehouse, inventory, create invoice, enter delivery and pickup details all on one platform. It enables you do all this on your fingertips. It streamlines your business process and can cut down on delivery time.

Ocean-Shipments-Software-Logistics Business


An ideal freight shipment software helps you keep track of your shipments when you have to deal with numerous trucks. the software gives you extra precision with geo-positioning API. You can easily track all your trucks and know your shipment status, schedule, driver speed as well as delivery time. This minimizes manual errors.

The pickup and delivery feature can fully automate your logistics business automated offering you a visible analytics to work on, allowing you to control costs and achieve higher business margins. It lets you schedule, manage and track, local or interstate pickup and delivery orders and generate all documentation required.


Take Your Logistics Business To The Next Level With Linbis

Linbis Logistics Software, is an innovative freight management software that helps freight companies grow in every part of their business with its complete suite of applications for each activity within the Logistics and Supply Chain industry.

Linbis is a complete freight management software providing you visual management to drive productivity and quality. You can get detailed information about pickup and delivery of your shipment in an instant. With Linbis, you can schedule, manage and track, all local or interstate pickup orders and also generate all documentation you require for your business.