The logistics and Supply Chain industry has undergone a series of transformations in the last two
decades. Things that looked like science fiction few years ago, like 3D printing and
augmented reality, have actually become a part of this industry. Technology has
become the backbone of logistics and supply change industry, enabling vendors,
freight forwarders, fleets to provide faster, economical and more reliable delivery
services. Technology with its innovative solutions is revamping the logistics industry.


Supply Chain Industry tehnology


Following are 3 smart technology trends in 2017 that has completely taken over the
industry and has greatly influenced logistics and supply chain management:

a. Carrier Technology:

With the advancement in carrier technology, small trucking companies are now able to
access technology and operate using the same technology that only a handful of
multinational trucking companies used to manage their operations. Carrier
technology has streamlined the business process and removed the lack of efficiency in
the operations of small trucking companies enabling them to compete better in the
industry. Carrier technology is considered to be a turning point in the logistics
industry as it is helping companies manage their demand planning better and also
reduce wastage in their value chains. What makes this technology great for smaller
companies is that it enables them to generate better cash flow.

b. Web Services for Supply Chain Industry

Due to the lack of undue reliability and unreliable data, the supply chain industry has
suffered from lack of efficiency and effectiveness in the data transmission. Sharing of
vital information was only possible through technologies, like fax, email or EDI. But
now the trend that has become widespread in the supply chain industry is the use of
web services logistics software and also a set standard for the language that is used for
transmission of data. Using web services will have a significant impact on the whole supply 
chain industry, as it will completely change the way companies perform daily operations
and complex demand analysis in a logistics management software .

Linbis Logistics Software Create Warehouse Receipt Commodities Modal supply chain industry

c. Integrated in Supply Chain Industry

Integration of supply chains the world over has not only enabled instant online freight software
booking, but also enabled traders to serve their customers, allowing them to manage their

connections with transportation vendors. Integration of this sort reduces theoverall cost of

logistics since  it eliminates the need for multiple intermediaries at

various levels of the supply chain management in the course of shipment. Making use
of cloud technologies are going to pave the way for a more effective and efficient
management of operations.
Cloud technologies are becoming mainstream and revolutionizing the logistics and
supply chain industry. They are helping logistics companies to overcome the
challenges that the industry is currently facing. They will help in building stronger,
more effective supply chains for companies.


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