Load Boards For Truckers – A Complete Guide

If you’re a trucker looking for some load to haul, it’s quite likely you’ve considered joining some free load boards. If you haven’t considered it yet, you may want to start. Given the modern times we live in, the Internet seems to be the best place to find any sort of business. Load boards are pretty handy tools to find some of the best loading opportunities for you.

This includes messaging boards to help you get in touch with brokers instantly, and reviews to help establish your reputation in the industry or find trustworthy shippers. This would be especially helpful for small trucking companies looking to reach a larger clientele. Not to mention, being mobile accessible allows you to be on the go and remain connected to potential clients 24/7.

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Free Loads Boards and Truck Load Boards

But with so many different boards available, it may be difficult finding the perfect one for you. That’s where we come in to help. We’ve compiled here a list of the top 5 load boards (both free and paid) that seem to be dominating the online trucking scene.

Load Up

Pricing: Free Though most of the best load boards require a fee, there are definitely some that ask nothing from its users but their business. The same is true for Load Up, which has absolutely no hidden fees you need to worry about. A fairly simple service, it still allows you to get the job done same as the other load boards. Though it may not have any snazzy features, it does have the essentials. Users are entitled to full load searches, directory listings and can post offers of their own freely. Matches to user profiles will also be alerted through e-mail.


Pricing: $35 per month for a Standard Plan $45 per month for a Premium Plan $55 per month for a Premium Plus Plan 123Loadboard has made quite a name for itself in the industry, boasting over 300,000 users and more than 50 million load offers each year. It offers great technology, more so after their merge with trucking software company, TMW Systems. Premium and Premium Plus users are able to use load planning, map and mileage features, as well as keep tabs on the credit of either brokers or shippers. The great part about their Premium packages is that they cost significantly less than many plans by other major load boards. And they offer the same, if not more, features.

TRULOS Load Board

Pricing: Free This load board allows its users to search freely for LTL freights and truckload freight with rates. Brokers will be able to search for the nearest freights available with the City/Zip Freight Search. But what really sets this load board apart is their free video tutorials for those just starting out in the trucking industry. This could be a great way of getting a hang of the business and how truckers and clients interact. It helps that the system is incredibly fast, clocking in with some of the fastest searches out of any load board platform. Additional tools that may strike your interest are their IFTA Mileage Calculator, Elevation Routing and even Freight Forecasting Tool.

Free Freight Search

Pricing: Free The self-acclaimed “World’s Largest Free Load Board” has over 100,000 registered members and allows its members access to over 33,000 broker credit reports. It is the only load board fully integrated with a freight bill factoring company. This allows truckers find load to haul, obtain a fuel advance and even get a 100% funding a few hours after drop-off. The system also provides a support hotline should you need it and provides many services normally only available to paid load boards.

DAT Solutions

Pricing: Starts at $149 per month for DAT Power $109 per month for DAT Express’ Broker Package $99 per month for DAT Express Carriers $34.95 to $49.95 per month for DAT TruckersEdge

Other Free Truck Load Boards

Even though we’ve given you a rundown of the top 5 load boards available right now. However, you may want to try signing up for several. To sum up, chances are no single load board will have all the info you need. And there’s no harm in being on the lookout for better loads. Finding the perfect load board might take some time. So be patient and try as many boards as you are comfortable with. Just be wary of over booking yourself and make sure to factor your freight bills to avoid waiting around for payments.

DAT (Dial-A-Truck)

Solutions was established in 1978 back in Portland, Oregon when Jubitz truck shop set up a monitor to allow people to view loads. This monitor became the new “load board”, which back then was a plain old bulletin board for pinning load offers. This makes it the oldest truckload board provider in the business. It is also certainly the biggest, providing three separate freight-matching platforms: DAT Power, DAT Express, and DAT TruckersEdge.


DAT Power

DAT Power is by far the most state-of-the-art platform for truckers. First, it provides a live load board to allow real time interactions and the fastest results possible out of any load board.  Finally it is highly reliable, with daily updated accurate market rates and has an average of a million load offers every working day.


DAT Express

DAT Express is for the start up businesses looking to grow. On this board, you can make unlimited load searches through over a million load offers per day. You can also make unlimited truck postings. In addition, users are alerted right when an offer has been made that fits their profile, and even suggests shorter routes that help save time and gas.


DAT TruckersEdge

DAT TruckerEdge provides a platform for smaller carriers and is the first choice for most owner operators. It informs users about average rates for specific lanes and displays brokers’ credit scores and their average paying time. The standard plan alone allows you unlimited postings and searches. Furthermore, OOIDA members can receive discounted rates and a 30-day free trial to ensure this is really the plan for you.


Linbis for Trucker

To sum up, chances are no single load board will have all the info you need. And there’s no harm in being on the lookout for better loads. Finding the perfect load board might take some time. So be patient and try as many boards as you are comfortable with. Just be wary of overbooking yourself and make sure to factor your freight bills to avoid waiting around for payments.

Elevate Your Trucking Business with Linbis Freight Management System

While being on the right load boards can boost your opportunities to find profitable loads, integrating Linbis Freight Management System into your operations can revolutionize how you manage and organize your trucking business. Linbis is not just about finding loads; it’s about optimizing the entire journey, ensuring that every load, every mile, and every transaction is handled with utmost efficiency.

Complete Load Management:

Keep track of every load with detailed information, ensuring you’re always on top of your schedules, routes, and deliveries.

Efficient Invoicing:

Instantly add charges and create invoices. Say goodbye to delays and manage your finances with precision.

Document Attachment:

Attach essential documents to every load. No more lost papers, enjoy organized and easily accessible records.

Enhanced Organization:

Linbis organizes your operations, making it easy to monitor and manage your loads, finances, and business growth.

Customized Solutions:

Tailor the system to your specific needs. Every trucker is unique, and so should be your freight management system.


Dashboard KPI to manage all your reports and make sure your company makes money.

warehouse management system

Linbis trucking Solution

Seamless Integration:

Linbis is designed to be user-friendly, offering intuitive features that make your trucking life simpler and more productive. Forget about the hassles of disorganization and mismanagement; embrace a future where every decision is informed, and every operation is streamlined.

Become a Linbis Partner:

Join the community of truckers who have transformed their businesses with Linbis. Enjoy ongoing support, regular updates, and a platform that grows with you. Your success is a journey, and Linbis is your trusted companion, ensuring that every step is a stride towards greater achievements.


Being part of the right load boards and leveraging advanced tools like Linbis Freight Management System ensures not just survival but a thriving existence in the competitive trucking landscape. Equip yourself with the resources, tools, and partners that empower you to transcend challenges and seize opportunities. Your road to unprecedented success begins with informed choices and strategic partnerships. Choose Linbis – where technology meets trucking excellence.

But as the business expands to exporting products, it faces challenges in shipping the products to end customers. While imports and exports contribute greatly to a company’s economic growth, it can also be a time-consuming process with all the paperwork, compliance and regulations involved in an international trade. This is where a freight forwarder comes into the picture.

Businesses who expand to trade internationally often hire specialists called International Freight Forwarders to help them ease the process. 

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