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How Car Shipping works?

Are you planning on buying a car from overseas? Or are planing in any car shipment? If yes, then this article is at your best interest. Most of us are not aware of the dynamics of auto transport. In most cases, we tend to leave most of the heavy lifting to the car transport company.

However, a little knowledge on such matters doesn’t hurt. With that in mind, this article will give you an insight into what exactly happens whenever you want to ship your car. More to that, you will also have adequate knowledge to hire the best company for the job. To find out the cost to ship a car from multiple car carrier you can use Linbis Logistics software. Linbis connect with many car shipper ready to provide auto transport quotes. 

Here’s a guideline that will help you understand how car shipping services works. 

Car transport-Car transport Options from car carriers?

Unless you are a car dealer, you probably don’t really understand the nitty-gritty of the vehicle transport system. But that’s okay, here you can find the costs to ship a vehicle with car carriers. Auto transport is something that most people are not aware how it works. For example the available type of  car shipping service like door to door service. This option is esential especially when you are shipping your first car.

Whether you are planning to purchase a car online from a dealership in another state or you simply want to relocate, transporting cars in a vital necessity. You are probably wondering why you have to transport a vehicle while it’s meant for transportation. What method car shipper used, or if is open or enclosed. Well, let me break it down for you.

When you are planning to buy a car from an online store, it’s important for the dealership to ensure that the car isn’t used for whatever reason. That is why the car you are about to buy will require transport from the assembly point to where the dealer is. This dealer usually contract with car shipper and this lower the cost to ship of their vehicles. However the use of auto transport quotes is always a great method in united state or any other country to lower cost.

More importantly, shipping a car through different countries is very costly. However, if you try and weigh it against the option of actually flying the car, time and expense involved when you are taking the vehicle home, then this option is worth it. Shipping car international is very different than using car shipping services from United State car carriers companies.

car shipping -How to ship a car and how vehicle transport works.

Car transport options and car shipping services available

  • Open Transport Car Truck Carrier

Open transport or open trailer is one of the most common methods used in the United State. The cost to ship is lower when using open transport vs enclosed transport. Take this into consideration when asking for an auto transport quotes to a car carriers. 

However many dealer use enclosed transport especially while transporting their cars through the borders. This method entails using a truck to ship the cars from their point of production to their place of distribution. Many trucking companies uses different trailer size depending on the type vehicle they are shipping. For heavy haul there are other more specialize trailers.

Here, there are also different ways through which the car can actually be transported.

  • Open air truck:

    • this is the most common means of transport especially for new cars. It involves place the cars at the back of a truck on an open surface. Your car is loaded onto an open carrier along with other cars. On average, the truck could actually carry around nine to twelve cars. However, if you are concerned about the weather and other elements, then you should probably consider the next option.
  • Enclosed carrier or enclosed auto transport:

    • Enclosed auto transport is actually the most expensive option of the two but with a good reason. The enclosed trailer is meant for exotic, high-end or even classic cars. Also, it can be a good choice for anyone concerned about the safety of their cars. However, you must be willing to dig deep in your pockets. That is because the cost to ship with this option will actually be about 80% more than the open transport air truck.


All in all, unless you are really transporting a rare and exotic car, you are concerned about safety or you want your car to arrive on time, then you can consider the open transport trailer truck. Because the open transport trailers actually hauls at least nine cars at a time, you’d probably imagine that they are slower. However, they are actually quicker and faster. Most of all, they always arrive as scheduled.

  • Car transportation by Train

If you are planning to transport your car within the borders, then you can consider using this option. Using a train to transport your car is actually not a recent venture, but something that started way back before we were even born. A high number of people actually prefer using modern trains to transport their cars because they are way faster.

Most of all, trains are actually the safest way of transporting your car. That is because the rails don’t have any bumps. Therefore, the possibility of your car shaking or moving due to bumps is very low. The only big problem that you might face is that most companies do not accept one-time shipping, especially from private parties.

The other major issue is that as much as this might be the best options, trains usually have a specific route that they follow. These routes have specific stops which might be a problem for you if the terminals are not convenient for your location.

However, if you are one of those people who actually love to travel together on the same ride with their car, then this might be the best option for you. Moreover, most car shipper companies require that someone should actually travel with the car.


  • Car Transportation via Air


This is reserved for the elite and people who really have deep pockets. The best part of this transport system is that it is actually very fast. The same way you can travel from one state to the next in a matter of hours is the same way your car will be transported.

However, this transportation system is known to be very expensive but it is very effective and efficient if the car is to be transported over a long distance. More to that, this means of transport is also quite effective if the place you are planning to take your car is hard to reach.

Most times, cars that are transported through this method are race cars and classic elite cars. These are cars that are being transported across the world for races or shows. Most importantly, these cars require a safe and fast means of transport. Air is considered one of the safest ways of transport.


Benefits of Auto Shipping quote from multiple companies?

The best part about being a customer is that you have a variety of options to choose from. One thing that you need to pay close attention to is the quotes from different shipping companies.

Using auto shipping companies is one of the best decision you can actually make, that’s because you are sure of the safety of your vehicle and at the same time you will be able to save money. Now, with the internet, accessing such companies is very easy. You simply go to their website and fill up the quotes. You will be able to get the projected estimate for the transportation of your vehicle.

However, you shouldn’t just settle for one company. Try different companies and gauge the difference. Also, remember to check the services each company offers. That way, you will be able to get the best cost for your vehicle and the best service that suits your needs.

Remember, it’s all about safety, transportation, and the services. Don’t always check for the price tag. Some of the services might not be inclusive. Cheap transport might be expensive in the end if you consider the fact that your car might not be completely safe.

More importantly, this is not a decision you can make overnight. You need to research deeply about each company. Additionally, each site has honest reviews at the bottom. These are perceptions of previous customers and what they experienced. Take time and read through these reviews.

The best option for Vehicle transport for new car

If you bought your car online, you probably need to transport it to your location. Most online platforms usually offer transportation to where you are. There are various ways you can choose to transport your car. Each of these means has its fair share of drawbacks that you also have to put into account.

  • By Truck:

    • well, your car faces the risk of having scratches on the surface even before it arrives. However, most companies take extra measure to ensure this doesn’t happen. There’s also the possibility that your car may be stolen while in transit. But as always, each company actually keeps track of its goods with extra caution. More to that, you also have an insurance claim to the company.


  • By train:

    • Arguably one of the safest means of transport but also has its limitation. The biggest problem about trains is that you will also need to use a truck in the end if the destination is far from the station.


  • By air:

    • Also another safe way to transport a new vehicle. However, the extra safety precaution comes at a hefty price. Transport through air is quite expensive.


  • By ship:

    • this is also a safe way to transport your car. But, it will take a long period before your car actually arrives. More to that, you will also need to use a truck or a train in the end if your destination is far from the coastline.

As you can see, each of these transport options are quite safe. The only thing you need to consider is the convenience of the transportation route. I mean, if you are in a landlocked state, then using a ship might be expensive for you. Consider using air as a means of transport in such a scenario.

How to ship a car by sea?

There are various options you can take if you want to know how to ship a car. One of them is, you can actually ship your car by sea. If you are trying to find out the best way to ship your car overseas, then the answer is pretty simple. Take your time and look through some of the international shipping companies then find one that suits your budget.

Shipping using the sea isn’t an easy process. That also means that it’s not something that you can do on your own. Therefore, Bold DIY questions I hope are out of the question. It’s obvious that you will need a shipping company with years of experience in the field. More importantly, the company should also have a good reputation.

Look for a shipping company that operates within your state. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice, then it’s time to contact the supping company. Ask for their quotes in case you are planning international shipping.

Now, all you need to do is wait. Shipping a vehicle isn’t as easy as shipping a package. Roughly deliveries in the US alone takes about 4 weeks. More to that, international deliveries take about 6 weeks.

What to expect from car hauling companies?

When you are planning to transport your car, you need to provide a few documents. This will help identify you as the owner and also ensure that your car has a safe journey. Some of the documents you will need include:

  • Original Title and registration
  • Insurance
  • Identification
  • Any special consideration

Most companies will take full responsibility for your car while it’s in transit. Meaning in case anything happens to the car, then the company will be liable. The one thing you will expect from these companies is that your car will arrive at its destination safe and sound.

The cost of transportation will depend on different factors.

  1. The distance to be covered
  2. The method of transport you will be using
  3. Insurance of the car during transit
  4. Make and model of your car
  5. The size of your vehicle
  6. And, obviously, the import and export charges

Be sure that the auto transport company will take your car to the desired destination

Car transport service - What car transport service includes

The services offered by the auto transport company varies from one to the other. One thing is for sure, you need to ask what services you will receive once you decide to settle for a particular company. Always check with federal motor carrier safety if the car carrier is register. The Motor Carrier Safety Administration control car shipper license and updates about complain.

Some of the common services they offer include; your car will be able to travel from one country to the next without any fuss. But remember you will have to pay for the import and export charges.

They also offer insurance for your car will it’s in transit. However, it’s probably a good idea to check what level the insurance will cover. If you think that the insurance claim is not sufficient, then ask if they offer any increase in the cover. All in all, in case you need an additional increase in insurance, be ready to spend extra for that.

In summary…

Well, I hope this article proves to be helpful in your future car transport services. Always remember to seek multiple quotes from different companies. That will help you get the best services and a considerable amount. More importantly, go for the company with a good reputation. Linbis Logistics Platform can help you ship your car and manage quotes from multiple companies. We provide the tools and technology to fright forward, logistics service providers, freight broker, transport broker and many other to collaborate using Linbis software applications. 

Many of our apps such as the freight forwarding software uses automation to facilitate communication with the smallest companies to biggest. And for the shipper to follow, manage and see all their shipment in one place. Try it now.