What is an Account?

In this quick tutorial, we will explain how to create a new Account using Linbis Logistics Software . Account in Linbis is a record of entries to cover transactions involving a particular person or an entity, such as shipper, consignee, courier, airline, agent, trucking company, broker, ship-lines,  etc.

Steps to create a new Account

1-  Click on the CRM module.

Once  inside, on the Account section can be add any shipper, consignee, ltl carriers, courier, ship-line, tracking company, airline, etc.


2-  Go to NEW and create an Account.


3-  Then fill out all the information, name, address,phone, email, etc.

-On the status section,  it can be define it as ACTIVE, On HOLD or INACTIVE and put some comments as well.


4-  Then assign a different Role, such as consignee, shipper, agent, customer, etc.


5-  Any additional information can be add it on the Additional section. ( Image #1)

-On the Carrier section can be add all airline information ( Air) or the ship-line information ( Ocean) or ground transportation. ( Image #2)


6-  On the contacts section, all others additional contact information.


7-  Airline section can be add all AWBs assigned from the airline, and it will be generate your own stock automatically. ( Image #1)

-Click on the  Add Range of AWBs. (Image #2)

-Then put the first and the last number assigned and save the AirwayBill information. (Image #3)


8-  Now SAVE the transaction.


-The Account must be save with the most relevant information on the top of the screen.


Congratulations!!! You have successfully created your first Account.

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