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Technology Trends in Transportation and Logistics

November 12, 2018 General by Carlos Casanueva No comments

4 Technology Trends in Transportation and Logistics The world is changing at a pace that’s amazing but capable to drown businesses that are lagging behind in spontaneous innovations and there are technology trends in transportation and logistics that you have to follow. Technology has taken center stage of this rapid change, with modern technological advancements disrupting […]

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Importance of a Transport Management Software

December 5, 2017 General by Carlos Casanueva No comments

Importance of a Transport Management Software Freight forwarding is an important part of supply chain management. The concept of freight software developed back in the 1960s, when mainframe computers were in use and transport management system or transport management software (TMS). It was the freight industry that created Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)  which was extensively used by […]

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Freight Management Softwares

November 23, 2017 General by Carlos Casanueva No comments

Freight Management Softwares Leads to optimize Supply Chain effectiveness Freight Management software is a system that organizes and manages shipments of corporate and individuals. The freight management software helps to track the movement of goods from loading to unloading till the point of destination. Multiple carriers have been taking to ship the goods around the […]

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Freight Logistics Software

November 8, 2017 General by Carlos Casanueva 2 Comments

Freight Logistics Software Every customers is important, your business depends on your employees, and your process is easier with a good freight logistics software. In fact, no matter what your industry, no matter what your focus, no matter what kind of products or services you offer, your customers are the single most valuable asset of […]

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Logistics Technologies & Future of Logistics

May 15, 2017 General by Eric Fernandez 6 Comments

Logistics companies are facing an era of unprecedented changes as digitization takes hold and customer expectations evolve. New logistics technologies are enabling greater efficiency and more collaborative operating models; they’re also changing the marketplace in ways that are only just beginning to become apparent.

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VIN Decoder within your Shipping Software

May 4, 2017 General by Eric Fernandez 2 Comments

International vehicle shipping take a lot of coordination and paperwork between the shippers, consignees and the forwarding companies in charge of handling the vehicles transportation. Since most of the responsibility on this kind of operation lays on the hands of forwarding companies, it is very important that they can find ways to optimize the process and minimize the errors rate such as taking the advantage of using a VIN Decoder.

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